Policies of the Test of Time Antique Clocks

We strive to conduct our business in an open, honest and ethical manner

  1. We will
    1. Conduct all business transactions in an open, honest, and transparent manner
    2. Provide the buyer with all known information regarding any item offered for sale, trade, or other purpose.
    3. Refuse to buy, trade or sell horological items for which the ownership is questionable.
    4. Provide a reasonable period of unconditional return in "as received condition" for all transactions when the buyer cannot personally inspect the item before the sale, with the buyer paying postage and insurance.
    5. Apply these same "open and honest" standards not only to the clocks we sell, but to the services we offer
  2. We will not
    1. Misrepresent any form of payment for goods purchased, fail to pay for items sold in good faith, or otherwise defraud any other person or business entity
    2. Sell a counterfeit item as an original
    3. Knowingly participate in any way in the advertisement, sale, or trade of any horological items using deceptive practices such as false or misleading claims or scarcity, age, value, condition, investment potential, or misrepresntation of a sale when in fact no change of ownership occurred.
    4. Knowingly sell reproductions or replicas items in any form unless such items are clearly identified as reproductions or replicas for the sale at hand
We want to help make your stewardship of antique clocks an experience that you'll enjoy for a lifetime.

  1. Payment methods accepted
    1. Personal Check
    2. PayPal
    3. Cash
  2. Shipping methods
    1. USPS
      1. Priority Mail
      2. Parcel Post
    2. UPS

Our Guarantee

  1. We guarantee this clock to be as described and to run trouble free for one year from the date of receipt.
  2. If you decide that you just do not want the clock, you can return it within one week for a full refund of the purchase price. Shipping, handling and insurance costs will not be refunded in such cases.
  3. If you find that the clock is not as described, you'll have one full week to return it for a full refund (all S/H & Ins. charges included).
  4. If you experience any problems with this clock not operating properly, just safely ship it back to us for an evaluation.
    1. If we determine that the problem was caused by materials we used or our workmanship, we will repair the clock free of charge, return it to you at our cost and we will reimburse you for your shipping charges.
    2. If we determine that the problem was due to something completely beyond our control we will contact you with an estimate of any necessary repairs and return shipping charges.
    3. Return shipping and handling must be performed in the same manner with the same quality and quantity of packing materials as used in the original shipping. Unless it is damaged, it is best to keep the original box to pack the clock when it is being shipped or even just moved from one house to another.
    4. Shipping is at the Buyer's risk and insurance is highly recommended

Test of Time Clocks
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